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Competent due diligence early in a decision making process allows businesses an opportunity to identify deficiencies important to negotiations and with potential business partners. The limited information available in Taiwan public databases, because of the strict application of Taiwan personal privacy laws, severely hampers effective due diligence.  Information typically available in public databases elsewhere, like detailed corporate registration details, shareholder & director searches, assorted asset searches, beneficial ownership, political, military and criminal links, criminal and civil litigation history, regulatory issues, and even professional and educational qualifications is not legally available in Taiwan through public database searches.

Orient Commercial Enquiries' experienced investigators can make up for these limiting options through discreet and / or competent pretext inquiries to better understand the size, type, ownership, key executives, facilities, holdings, business activities and practices of companies. Clients can make a better assessment of individuals or companies, on their influence, and on resources on Asia projects or markets of value to a company. These discreet background inquiries can flag potential fraud, point to possible problem areas, avoid illegal contracts and reduce the risk of being in business with organized crime. Orient Commercial Enquiries’ approach compliments the legal and financial due diligence processes which may already be underway and can save hundreds of man-hours, money, potential misguided decision making and appointment decisions, the expense of more legal and auditing work, and future embarrassment.