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Orient Commercial Enquiries has specialized on investigations into intellectual property infringement and in IP enforcement actions in Taiwan for more than 35+ years. Experienced investigative staff are well-versed in the range of products subject to product counterfeiting. Discreet inquiries, pretext investigation, and surveillance are employed to find and often trace products back to their source of supply. Excellent links with law enforcement authorities, built up over three decades, allow for single and multiple raids to be organized in a quick and effective manner.

Investigations carried out by Orient Commercial Enquiries have resulted in thousands of raids in Taiwan and in other countries in the Pacific-Rim over the last 35+ years. These raids have included the first ever raids into pirated software, remarked ICs, pirated video cassettes, end-user pirated software and illegal parallel-import pharmaceutical products in Taiwan; the first ever raids on pirated video cassettes in Thailand, the first ever raids on pirated software in the Philippines, and the first ever raids on remarked ICs in Malaysia.

Orient Commercial Enquiries pioneered character merchandise enforcement actions on high risk targets normally considered untouchable in China & Thailand while managing licensing for a major U.S. character merchandise company for 10 years. Pioneering legal action was initiated against China government-invested book publishers distributing pirated works of that character which were popular in China. Actions on these publishers resulted in a stop to the pirated distribution of those works, large financial settlements and the establishment of lucrative legal licensing that remains today.

The firm has unique insight into product distribution and corporate security needs in Asia. Senior management of firm coordinated the Asia-Pacific licensing program for a major U.S. character merchandise brand for 10 years in the 1990s. Responsibilities included coordinating all phases of licensee recruitment and support, all product development and approval for those licensees, royalty collection, factory inspection, promotional event coordination and related movie product licensing and marketing support. The China program, in particular, grew from only a few licensees to become one of the largest licensing programs for the U.S. character merchandise brand world-wide. Of note was the pioneering lucrative expansion into newly developing Chinese mobile phone and Internet licensing.