Misappropriation, Theft or Embezzlement

Kickbacks & Bribery

Conflict of Interest

 FCPA, Bribery Act & KYC Compliances

Violation of Fiduciary Duties

Corruption affects the profitability and reputation of companies in Asia and can evolve into international problems with FCPA, Bribery Act & other KYC Compliance actions. This behavior of is a cancer that must be detected and eradicated as it eats away at employee performance, corporate profitability and organizational structure.

Orient Commercial Enquiries has the experience and discretion to carry out reliable and effective investigation of internal corruption. Inquiries for clients have been made into kickbacks from vendors which raise the cost of construction, purchases and orders. Unauthorized payments, money transfers and bribes, in violation of corporate policy and the law, to secure orders, meet sales targets or to secure bonuses, have been uncovered. Discreet investigations have been made surrounding employee that may have conflicting relationships with competitors resulting in the loss of sales or confidential company information.

Discreet pretext inquiries can be made with outside contractors / suppliers to ascertain the extent of problems. Experienced Orient Commercial Enquiries management can interview key individuals in order to identify fraud and problems within an organization. The savings resulting from combatting fraud affects the financial viability of a company, while corrective measures resulting from action taken enhances accountability and integrity of an organization.