Product Diversion

Out-of-Market Sales

Assurance Audits

Market Research

Licensee Compliance

Potential Licensee Identification

Due Diligence

Orient Commercial Enquiries is often called upon to make inquiries into the business practices of licensed subcontractors, manufacturers, distributors and agents. Inquiries are routinely carried out into product diversion, out-of-market sales, and other breeches of licensing agreements. Discreet and pretext investigations can be made into a licensee without their knowledge. Surveys can be made of the distribution of a licensed product in a market. Announced assurance audits can be carried out with licensees. Orient Commercial Enquiries is also called upon to evaluate the activities, potential and market penetration of current and potential licensees. Inquiries can also be made to identify new licensees with effective manufacturing and/or distribution networks.

Management of Orient Commercial Enquiries has unique insight into Asia licensing. Senior management of the firm coordinated the Asia-Pacific licensing program for a major U.S. character merchandise brand for 10 years in the 1990s. Responsibilities included coordinating all phases of licensee recruitment and support, all product development and approval for those licensees, royalty collection, factory inspection, promotional event coordination and related movie product licensing and marketing support. Knowledge of licensing concerns is derived from actual experience in operating an active and fast growing licensing operation in Asia.