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Orient Commercial Enquiries has been for 35+ years offered a range of litigation support services involving IP infringement, employee fraud, breach of contract, questionable insurance claims, conflict of interest and trade secret theft. Experienced investigators can provide good pre-trial litigation support through discreet and / or competent pretext inquiries. These inquiries allow clients to better understand the type, ownership, management, business activities and practices of companies and individuals. The Orient Commercial Enquiries’ investigative approach compliments the legal and financial pre-trial litigation support processes underway and can save hundreds of man-hours, money, potential misguided decision making and future embarrassment. 

Taiwan is unique in that there is limited information available in Taiwan public databases, because of the strict application of Taiwan personal privacy laws, which severely hampers intelligence gather needed in litigation support.  Information typically available in public databases elsewhere, like detailed corporate registration details, shareholder & director searches, beneficial ownership, assorted asset searches, criminal and civil litigation history and regulatory searches, to name a few, are not legally available in Taiwan through public database searches. Taiwan personal privacy laws all but restrict most public databases from indexing information on the name of a person.

Clients do have more discovery options available once a formal criminal or civil case is filed in Taiwan. However, weak preservation of evidence rules, the lack of effective and financially viable injunctive relief, and the under-developed Taiwan civil law system does necessitate good pre-trial litigation support.