Providing Investigative & Corporate Security Support in Taiwan 1986





Accomplished in Asia-Pacific Licensing


Orient Commercial Enquiries is an accomplished Taiwan provider of investigative support, IP detection and enforcement, discreet due diligence, corporate security support, surveillance and insurance claim verification services with more than 30 years of effective work. The American and Taiwan managed firm accepts only corporate-related work, ensures all work is FCPA & Bribery Act Compliant, uses only in-house experienced staff, and does not subcontract work to third parties.

Discreet, legal pretext, investigative approaches pioneered by Orient Commercial Enquiries are an ideal complement to corporate intelligence gathering efforts in Taiwan where few public databases exist because of some of the strongest personal information protection laws in the world.  The extensive law enforcement contacts developed by Orient Commercial Enquiries, through the execution of thousands of IP-related raids throughout Taiwan over the last 30 years, allows the firm to be in a unique position to assist corporate clientele where enforcement or protection services are required. 

Existing clientele includes a range of corporate clients, law firms, accountancy practices, institutional investors, financial institutions, international investigative firms & risk management companies.

The firm has unique insight into product distribution and corporate security needs in Asia. Senior management of the firm coordinated the Asia-Pacific licensing program for a major U.S. character merchandise brand for 10 years in the 90s. Responsibilities included coordinating all phases of licensee recruitment and support, all product development and approval for those licensees, royalty collection, promotional event coordination and related movie product licensing and marketing support. The China program, in particular, grew from only a few licensees to become one of the largest licensing programs for the U.S. character merchandise brand. Important milestones achieved during that decade included a great expansion of the China licensing program and pioneering a lucrative expansion into newly developing Chinese mobile phone and Internet licensing. Pioneering legal action initiated against China government-run book publishers distributing pirated works of that brand which resulted in record fines and lucrative future licensing agreements.